Are you a CDO - or a CDON'T?: Investigating the role of the Chief Data Officer

The role of the Chief Data Officer is one that is becoming increasingly popular in the boardroom. However, as often is the case with ‘new ways of doing things’, there remains confusion. What exactly is a CDO – or what should it be? Who should be bestowed these positions and what skills should they bring to the table? Will there really be any way to distinguish between a CDO and, say, a Chief Data Architect other than the initial stamped on one’s business card? Ahead of last years CDO Forum, we asked some of the 'data tsars' attending the event for their thoughts on the matter. Hear from Tony Gosling (MoD), Hany Choueiri (Bank of England), Niall Cottrill (Allianz UK), and Charles Cai (Wanda Group)...

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