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Leading and delivering data-driven business transformation


In today’s connected world, data has become much easier to collect and analyse than ever before, with many organisations across multiple sectors recognising it as a commodity as well as a tool to create value and a way of gaining competitive edge. Planning and preparing to manage it effectively will become a major element of business strategy, requiring the right talent to lead and deliver on business objectives, break down silos and create a standardised method across the entire organisation.

Chief Data Officer and Data Leaders now play a critical role in data-driven transformation, but they must ensure that they are set up in the right way with the ability to develop and lead a strategic roadmap.

 As the role of the CDO continues to evolve and mature, delivering immediate business value is critical. For the CDO roles that have just been created, achieving the immediate and direct business value may be challenging unless the basic data management of people, processes, and technology have not been established.

With this in mind, the Chief Data Officer 2018 Forum will unite Chief Data Officers and Data Leaders to offer their insights, techniques and tools required to align data strategy and analytics with key organisations priorities. This gathering is the check-point following GDPR roll-out, providing you with the perfect opportunity to benchmark with your peers and competitors to discuss the true impacts GDPR has on businesses, as well as the future opportunities it represents. 

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2018 speakers include:

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What are past attendees saying about #CDOForum17

"This event literally saved me! It will enable me to be confident speaking and advocating the CDO function in France and Europe"
- Project Manaer, Securitas, Chief Data Officer Forum delegate

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Exclusive Opportunity to Share, Learn, and Build Key Business Relationships

Hear from seven different CDO's and Heads of Data from across multiple sectors sharing their views on defining and tailoring the role of the CDO to match unique business objectives  

Discover how to maximise operational efficiency, cut costs and increase revenue whilst maitaining customer centricty 

Join our retrospective GDPR  panel discussion focusing on the true impacts on business and the opportunities it poses for the future

Create a plan of action for identifying and selecting technology that supports your business and data strategy including Advanced Analytics, IoT, AI and Machine Learning

Join the expert led open discussion groups covering topics on Data Stategy, Delivering Immediate Business Impact, GDPR and the Autonomous Enterprise

Join our interactive panel discussion exploring the evolving role of a CDO

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