15th - 16th May 2018 | London, UK

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Download the 2017 Agenda

Download the 2017 Agenda

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Interview: Chief Data Officer of Lloyds Banking Group

David Grant was recently appointed as Chief Data Officer for Lloyds Banking Group, with his key responsibilities including data strategy, governance and standards. Prior to this, he was Operational Risk & Financial Crime Director for Lloyds Banking Group, joining the Group in February 2008. Here, he talks to PEX Network about how he has shaped his role, the challenges he believes all CDOs face, and offers his advice on how to best approach a rapidly transforming digital market.

How to Monetise your Data: 7 Simple Solutions

Data is increasingly considered to be the greatest business asset - you can achieve useable, valuable data by having excellent approaches to data acquisition, storage, governance, analysis and security. But a lot of CDO's struggle to use the data to generate new revenue streams, how do you monetise the information? Here we look at seven specific strategies that you can apply within your organisation to monetise your data.

What's next for the CDO?

For many CDOs their initial work has focused on creating a data culture, gaining buy-in, overcoming silos, and unpicking the challenges of legacy systems, data spaghetti and, crucially, governance. With those first phases now settling down we can look to predictions for the next stages and ask, what are the actions and outcomes that we can expect to see next.

5 Winning Data Management Strategies: The Next Step for Chief Data Officers

This eBook outlines and compares five different data management strategies which you can draw upon to build a forward-thinking and innovative strategy. Each approach is currently used by the few companies currently leading the way in this exciting new field. Download to read more.

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Are you a CDO - or a CDON'T?: Investigating the role of the Chief Data Officer

The role of the Chief Data Officer is one that is becoming increasingly popular in the boardroom. However, as often is the case with ‘new ways of doing things’, there remains confusion. What exactly is a CDO – or what should it be? Who should be bestowed these positions and what skills should they bring to the table? Will there really be any way to distinguish between a CDO and, say, a Chief Data Architect other than the initial stamped on one’s business card? Ahead of last years CDO Forum, we asked some of the 'data tsars' attending the event for their thoughts on the matter. Hear from Tony Gosling (MoD), Hany Choueiri (Bank of England), Niall Cottrill (Allianz UK), and Charles Cai (Wanda Group)...

Big Data Benchmarking Report 2016: PEX Network

"As you will discover from this report and the results of the latest PEX Network survey, the collective expedition into the world of big data is just beginning. Concrete case studies (successful or otherwise) are difficult to come by, and it is still to be confirmed whether there are best practices applicable to all scales of organizations and markets, or whether the path to big data realization must be different for everyone. Popular thinking sees big data not as a silver bullet, but as an enabler – and one that should be invested into with caution..."

The journey towards an effective big data programme will be one of the key lines of discussion at this year's Chief Data Officer Forum.

Download the full annual report today!

The 5 Hats of the Chief Data Officer

Data has moved from being a backroom issue predominantly focused on IT systems, compliance issues and data management to being a boardroom issue focused on strategy, insight and competitive advantage. This graphic looks at the 5 hats that today’s Chief Data Officers must wear and explores how the 5 speakers at the upcoming 5th Annual Chief Data Officer Forum will explore these roles.

>> Download your complimentary copy now:

Top Influencing Chief Data Officers of 2017

With predictions that 90% of large organisations will have a Chief Data Officer by 2019, it is clear that those without a CDO are now finding themselves at a serious disadvantage. The important role of the Chief Data Officer has evolved to being boardroom necessity crucial to effective strategy, innovation and competitive advantage.

Ahead of the 5th Annual Chief Data Officer Forum, we asked 300+ CDOs and data professionals to place their nominations for The CDO of The Year Award. The award honours, recognizes and promotes individuals who have made significant changes within their organization through data strategy and innovation. The award is dedicated to recognizing world-class thinking, creativity and execution in data strategy.

Download your complimentary copy of 2017’s Top Influencing CDO’s for a look at the final nominees, the winner of which will be announced in the drinks reception of the Forum in London on the 3rd May.

Additional Event Information

Attendee List: 5th Annual Chief Data Officer Forum 2017

Download your complimentary copy of the delegate list for the 5th Annual Chief Data Officer Forum for a look at who you will meet onsite this May!

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Pitney Bowes' 8 Steps to Data Quality as an Ethos

Your CRM and ERP applications need to deliver data you can trust. Data quality adopted as an ethos ensures the information within your organization is accurate. Accurate, trusted information drives superior business outcomes. These include improved decision making, enhanced operational efficiency and better customer engagement. Download now for 8 top tips from leading Chief Data Officers.

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Data Directors From ONS and RSA Group on Driving Innovation

With predictions that 90% of large organisations will have a Chief Data Officer by 2019, the role is showing no signs of disappearing. In fact, those without a CDO are now finding themselves at a serious disadvantage. For some, it is in no doubt that the role of the Chief Data Officer is not just central to business growth but increasingly to survival.

So how are CDOs and Data Directors using data to drive business decisions and keep up with the innovative disruptors in the market? Download your complimentary copy of the interview with Heather Savory, Deputy National Statistician for Data Capability, Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Gillian Tomlinson, Chief Data Officer,  RSA Group for crucial insight on how data can be used to transform and grow your business.

What Type of CDO are you?

Chief Data Officers largely fall into 4 crucial categories: those who innovate, those who monetise, those who protect and those who cut costs.

Which is your main strength as a CDO? What skills do you bring to the table? Ultimately, what type of CDO are you?

Ahead of the Chief Data Officer Forum, which will hear from today's leading Chief Data Officers, we invite you to download your complimentary interactive infographic to explore your key strengths and to discover other skillsets to add to your toolbox.


Data Based Decision Making: The eBay Approach

Davide Cervellin - Head of EU MD Analytics, eBay - held this fun and insightful presentation to analyse the omnichannel world, strategic partnerships, and analytics. Download his presentation to view the complete and informative case study from eBay.

Challenge the Business Model and Overcome Risk through Superior Insight

David Watkins, Chief Data Officer at RSA, raised excitement among our audience in November as he spoke about how important critical thinking is when it comes to data. Download his presentation to find out what his key principles are when working with data.

Governance for Privileged Data Use: Earning Customer Trust

Dunnhumby's Matthew Keylock cleared a lot of confusion around the idea of data governance. His presentation addressed customer privacy and how companies can be smart about their data. Download now and start using his advice!