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19th - 20th June 2018 | London, UK

Tony Gosling

Chief Data Officer
Pell Frischmann

9:10 AM Aligning Corporate Culture with Data Strategy: Organisational Shift and Creating a Data-Drive Culture

  • Driving organisational behavioural change and convincing leadership that a data centric strategy is a necessity
  • Ensuring leadership teams have a clear, standard and transparent structure with a role that is clearly defined and aligned to the business objectives
  • The importance of executive leadership in establishing and empowering the CDO with sole, centralised ownership of data
  • Allowing the CDO to operate across every business  to gain deeper insight into data and ensure it can be used to create a data-drive culture

4:10 PM Design Your Roundtable Discussion:

By now, you have discussed your event objectives and will appreciate there will be a common theme running throughout both days. However, you will have a unique challenge or problem that needs solving, and it is critical that we seek out those gold nuggets of information that will really help drive improvement within your role, teams and organisation.
These sessions are designed by you, for you, and you will be encouraged to write specific challenges, or indeed solutions on the colour coded post-it notes on your tables and stick them on the wall at the back of the conference hall under their unique titles.
Our facilitators will collect and analyse this information and it will be used as a basis to drive discussion and ensure you get the answers you need.  

  • Roundtable One: Data Driven Transformation: Developing and Executing the Data Roadmap
  • Roundtable Two: Business Impact: Creating Value from Data and Data Monetisation 
  • Roundtable Three: GDPR: Moving Beyond Just a Compliance Issue
  • Roundtable Four: Autonomous Enterprise: AI, Machine Learning and RPA

10:10 AM GDPR Armageddon: Was it Really the End of the World?

GDPR has long been a topic of fear, dread and panic. “Impact is inevitable, and no one can hide”, but now that GDPR has passed, what have the impacts really been on businesses? This session will take a retrospective look at GDPR, today’s reality and the journey ahead!
·         Armageddon aftermath: Was it really that bad?
·         What have been the biggest impacts to date?
·         How has it affected the role of the CDO, CDPO’s and DPO’s now and in the future?
·         How has customer engagement been impacted?
·         What does BREXIT mean for Data Privacy?
·         What positive have we actually seen – beyond compliance?
·         What lessons can we learn from GDPR?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tony.

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